Our Approach

Our collaborative thrust of keeping our client informed every step of the way is in five phases:

Consult: Having a comprehensive understanding of your business is always the first phases of our process. We discuss with you your fundamental needs to have a successful e-business venture. Your business objectives are discussed, and we formulate a project scope, budget, and a detailed work plan suitable for your business.

Analyze: Upon agreeing on the project proposed, we define the functional, technical, and creative requirements needed to develop the project. We furnish you with the necessary documentation. We also build a demo or prototype to test our concept.

Design: Information is now organized and interface design is coded. The process is interactive, and facilitated by our project extranet. Programs are written with the proper syntax and logic resulting to a working prototype for usability testing and debugging.

Deploy: We test the product and tweak the codes to deliver the final product. This is the phase where our solutions are integrated to your business. We ensure that you have full comprehension of how to maintain the product with our level of quality assurance.

Enhance: Monitoring and analysis of the solutions we proposed in the first phase is our value-added service. We also propose to our clients the next generation of solutions. Upon request, we can also design marketing plans, and training sessions to enhance the new solution. We can also offer the solution of maintaining the site for you.