Web Development & Programming

Moonwerks’ development team crafts the website specific to your needs. We help capture a new audience as well as connect to your existing one to grow your business digitally. Whether it be simple brochureware or corporate profile websites, full scale e-commerce websites integrated to your logistics providers, or completely custom bespoke websites or browser based […]

E-business / E-commerce

We build your online store in Magento, Shopify, or any e-commerce platform of your choice. We integrate this to your payment gateway whether it be simply Paypal, or integrators such as PesoPay, DragonPay, etc. We ensure sure orders are fulfilled by helping integrate the logistics partner of your choice. E-commerce does not simply end with […]


Years of expertise have allowed us to optimise your digital website and online presence by way of SEO or also known as Search Engine Optimization. A lower-cost measure compared to paid Search Engine Marketing (SEM), we optimise the algorithm and structure of your website such that it organically appears higher in the search results, which […]

Business Intelligence and Analytics

Business Intelligence and Web analytics allow us to build a strategy maximize your online and e-commerce activities. WE analyze trends and patterns such from various digital channels such as: – Social media viewpoints and opinions,
- Website traffic, links and page views – Offline and online website experiences via blogs, news and audio/video

Design & Creatives

Web design and creatives are the first impression you directly have with your costumers and we execute your concepts. We completely collaborate with your vision and are open to you submitting the design you have in mind. Our task is to execute your creative concept. We execute your creative concept by creative the HTML, XML, […]

Account Management/Digital Strategy

Account Management and Digital Strategy is necessary to oversee all the different tools and approaches in effectively maximising your exposure in the digital landscape. The objective is to put your brand as top of mind and we are committed in doing so.

Social Media

Social Media is the most engaging of all online platforms and the best way to gauge if your customers are turned in to your brand. A bespoke social media marketing campaign synchronised to your marketing plan can clearly differentiate you from what other competitive brands may be doing.

Internet Marketing

To give you a full digital service, we ensure you are competitive in the digital landscape. We are a Mailchimp partner and integrate your online platform to send out e-newsletters and track campaign results.